Exotic & Classic Car Storage

Car Collection Storage Curated By Italy Service

Your collector car is a symbol of a dream achieved.  Its not something you drive everyday.  Its a prized possession that you occasionally take out.   You decide that you want to go for a drive and it doesn’t start.  Is it a Dead Battery? Old Fuel? Ignition issue?  Fuel pump? The dream ends with frustration.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

We have put together a program that goes beyond simple car storage.  It combines our best practices to create the premiere Car Collection Management System in Las Vegas.  Our dedicated facility was built to ensure your car stays in peak condition.  Batteries are not only on a trickle charger, the voltage is monitored to ensure the battery is putting out the correct power.  We start the cars up and get them to operating temperature. We monitor the fluid condition, inspect for leaks and analyze live performance data.  We do everything we can to be proactive with your cars health.

The facility is an air conditioned fortress. Its protected and cared for by our team of dedicated professionals.  To Learn more, visit http://www.forzaccm.com