Your Dealership Alternative since 1975

Ferrari has been  producing World Championship winning cars since 1947.  The styling, speed and sound are unmistakable.  They have consistently been at the forefront of automotive technology.  With that said, it takes a special team to keep these legendary cars operating at their best.

From V12’s with 6 Carburetors to the latest twin turbo supercar, we have the experience and technology needed to keep your Ferrari in perfect tune.  

We are constantly investing in the latest technology to keep your Ferrari in top condition.  We utilize 4 different Dealer Level Diagnostic Computers to diagnose and tune your car for optimal performance.  We also have all the “Old School” Analog diagnostic equipment to work with the classic Ferrari cars.  The classic cars that require experience and skill that can only be gained by working on Ferrari’s for 45+ years.  

Getting parts for Ferrari’s is not always easy.  We have access to New Old Stock, reconditioned, rebuilt and even parts off salvage vehicles.  We do everything we can to keep your car on the road for significantly less than the dealer would charge.   

Give us a call or drop by the shop to see the difference we can make with your Ferrari ownership experience.